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Employ professionals you can trust. The attorneys at Kennedy Law are trustworthy professionals with 30 years’ experience in intellectual property matters, including trademark prosecution.

For a limited time, Kennedy Law is offering free trademark searches for up to three trademarks for Kennedy Law clients. Before you commit to a brand name, be sure a competitor is not using it.

Did you know:

  • On average it takes 12 months to have your application either approved or denied1.
  • The PTO filing fee itself costs $225 to $400 per class and is non-refundable whether your application is approved or not.
  • Only 22% of all initial trademark applications are approved1.
  • A study from UNC and published in the Stanford Technology Law Review analyzing roughly 5.5 million trademark applications submitted to the USPTO from 1984-2010 showed applications prosecuted by an experienced trademark attorney are 50% more likely to be approved2.
  • The USPTO itself recommends working with an experienced attorney to improve your trademark application’s chances of success3.

Once you’re a client of Kennedy Law, you’ll never pay more than $500 in attorney’s fees for your trademark application. For a limited time, Kennedy Law clients (new and existing) get free trademark searches for up to three new trademarks. In the event the Trademark Office issues an official office action contesting your application after an application is filed, Kennedy Law clients receive one free hour for consultation.

Kennedy Law has a proven track record spanning four decades in representing clients before the Trademark Office. At Kennedy Law, we pride ourselves on ensuring everyone has access to the US trademark system, which is intended to protect your business’s most important asset: Your name.

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1 – USPTO Data Visualization Center | 2 – 16 Stan. Tech L. Rev. 583 (2013) | 3 – USPTO

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