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Kennedy Law Settles Eight Patent Infringement Cases

Author: Stephen Kennedy

In March, 2015, Kennedy Law attorneys settled eight patent infringement cases pending in the United States District Court for the Eastern District of Texas.  The technology involves surveillance technology used by municipalities, commercial businesses and different branches of the Federal Government.  Kennedy Law was lead counsel representing 3rd Eye Surveillance in the patent suits.  The settlement terms are confidential.  The Firm is continuing to pursue two other parties for patent infringement in the Eastern District of Texas.  Stephen Kennedy, lead counsel on the case, said “3rd Eye is not a so-called patent troll. It is a small business based in the Eastern District that has provided surveillance equipment for ten years, and is now providing surveillance monitoring throughout the State.  These pioneer patents are being infringed by larger companies, interfering with 3rd Eye’s ability to compete.  The company’s intellectual property should be protected and enforced.” 

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