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3 Reasons to Hire a Copyright Lawyer

Author: Stephen Kennedy

U.S. Copyright Law falls under Intellectual Property Law. It protects a wide range of original work in fields such as: literature, music, and art including diverse forms of expression such as dramatic works, pantomimes, choreographic works, artwork, videos, and audio recordings .  As such, the complexities of copyright law affect numbers times of business and organizations.

What Do Copyright Attorneys Do For You?

If your organization is registering work with the U.S. Copyright Office, if someone has approached you about using your institution’s work, or if your association wants to use someone else’s original material, it is judicious to have you own legal support. If you are looking for more specific information from an experienced Dallas copyright lawyer, contact Kennedy Law today at 214-716-4343.

They Can Help With Every Step

Copyright lawyers assist your establishment in gathering everything needed for a copyright, including: determination of ownership, licensing, and copyright registration. There are a variety of situations that require additional strategy. If a team creates a product, each member of the team is entitled to the rights of ownership. Those rights can be transferred or lost if team members are careless about the agreements signed. If there is no agreement, unexpected and adverse results may occur. To protect these rights of an individual or group to works of art they create, having written agreements and relevant documents in place are necessary.

Copyright Law is Difficult

Protecting your venture’s intellectual property requires a range of knowledge, such as: copyright notice requirements, and drafting and reviewing contracts involving copyright and other intellectual property matters. Copyright attorneys evaluate and explain the choices available to your establishment and- based on your decision- take the appropriate action to ensure that your rights and interests are protected. The actions may include: negotiating on your behalf, drafting any necessary licensing agreements, and other issues related to the transferring or licensing of your copyrights.

There are limitations built into the U.S. Copyright Law that allow a creator’s works to be reproduced without permission. Navigating copyright law can be complex. The wisest choice is to have the assistance of legal professionals to assist you through the process.

Copyright Infringement is a Serious & Difficult Issue for All Parties in the Creative Process

You want to protect your work from copyright infringement and ensure that your establishment does not infringe on any copyrights. Copyright attorneys help your business navigate copyright infringement on either side. They assist your company with anything from how to issue DMCA take-down letters when necessary to remove material that infringes on your copyright to providing analysis of potential litigation. Whether you want to protect your group’s works or use another’s protected works, having qualified copyright lawyers makes litigation straightforward.

Any organization that creates or produces original content can benefit from and should pursue a highly qualified copyright attorney. For parties searching for a knowledgeable Dallas copyright lawyer, consider Kennedy Law. Contact our lawyers for more information.

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