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Based in Texas, Kennedy Law, PC is a trusted and trust-worthy law firm offering intellectual property advice, counseling and commercial litigation services. Clients consult directly with distinguished trade secrets attorneys who have the experience, deep understanding and appreciation for the complexities in this field. Our law firm has its headquarters in Dallas, making it easier for clients in Texas and across America to reach us. Trade secrets law is a niche area that our lawyers have studied, litigated and know quite well. Kennedy Law attorneys have the unique experience of representing clients in this area since the mid-1980s to today. Every Dallas trade secrets lawyer at the firm has litigated both sides of trade secret disputes. Kennedy Law attorneys represented businesses who have experienced theft of trade secrets. We have likewise defended individuals and companies accused of misappropriation of trade secrets. We understand that in trade secret law, there is much at risk. We counsel our clients based on experience our attorneys have gained since the mid-1980s.

The Uniform Trade Secrets Act, sometimes known as the UTSA, provides a basic definition of a trade secret:

  • Information or data that includes device composition, methods and techniques, formulas, compilations, patterns and programs
  • It has independent and intrinsic monetary value, both potential and actual, due in part to the fact that it is not known to the public
  • It is the subject of various efforts within reason to maintain secrecy

Lawyers at Kennedy law know that a trade secret includes more than just the elements defined above; it is your business, your contacts, your software code, your research, your engineering, your methods and procedures that define your company and have made you a success. An attorney at Kennedy law will tell you that every piece of valuable information that is created by an individual or organization should be treated as a trade secret. An established trade secrets lawyer is able to assist and advise clients on all aspects of trade secrets including litigation for misappropriation of a trade secret, theft of trade secrets and other acts of infringement and violations of the law. Similarly, if you have been accused of taking or using someone else’s trade secret, we can provide strategic advice and counseling to defend you in the board room and in the courtroom.

Creators or producers of content deserve to have their creativity and inventions protected by law. Yet some companies can be over-reaching with what they call trade secrets, pulling the trigger on trade secret litigation too soon, and thereby putting the actual confidential information at risk. This is a delicate area of the law that is full of risk and potential reward. Our clients will receive the legal advice and counsel necessary ranging from negotiating alliances and non-disclosure agreements with a long-term view of protecting valuable intellectual property assets to litigation and injunctive relief. Our able trade secrets lawyers counsel clients and when negotiations do not, or cannot, succeed, we file and defend litigation in courts and administrative agencies as the need arises. If an injunction or temporary restraining order is required, we will fight for it. Conversely, when someone is trying to close down your operations by seeking injunctive relief against you, we know what the stakes are, we know the strategies employed and we can effectively fight back. The services we provide to our distinguished clients include;

  • Trade secrets litigation
  • File ex parte temporary restraining orders (TRO), conduct hearings on preliminary injunctions, and seek permanent injunctions
  • Work to prevent, or overturn, a TRO or other injunctive relief
  • Provide advice on non-compete contracts
  • Negotiate matters involving joint industry contracts
  • Provide advice and counseling for employee education programs

While our attorneys provide all of these services on both sides of a trade secret matter, their main goal is to determine your business objectives, define the alternatives, and work with you side-by-side to execute your plan. Because we have been on both sides of these disputes, you can place your trust in a team of attorneys who not only understand what is at stake for you, but who can also anticipate the strategies that the opposition may use. At Kennedy Law, our attorneys are committed to providing innovative, cost-effective and results-effective solutions for all our clients. Any client can reach us through our website or by phone or email. Visit our contact us page for more information.

If you have a trade secret, you must work to protect it with an understanding of the most recent developments in the law. An attorney at Kennedy Law can help. If you are in a situation involving a trade secret dispute, the lawyers at Kennedy Law know what to do. Every client that walks through our doors seeking our trade secrets advice will receive the kind of excellent individual attention they deserve. Each case is treated individually with careful attention paid to the client’s business objectives. Our attorneys have ably represented clients in Texas, across America, and across countries in Western Europe such as the UK, France, and many others. Contact our attorneys and they will be happy to address preventive measures to protect your trade secrets. Or, if there is a trade secrets dispute, our lawyers will face your opponent in litigation head-on.

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