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Kennedy Law LLC is a leading patent litigation firm in Dallas, Texas. We provide authoritative legal counsel, guidance and advice on matters to do with patents and intellectual property law. Attorneys at our law firm have been actively engaged in representing clients in the field of patent litigation since 1988. We have a team of accomplished patent lawyers who can advise clients and guide them in all matters to do with patent infringement, litigation, licensing and related issues. If you are in need of an experienced, knowledgeable patent attorney in Dallas, give us a call today and one of our attorneys will be glad to assist you.

A patent can be described as a proprietary right granted to a person or company, giving them exclusive rights to an invention. If a person chooses to seek patent protection (instead of trade secret protection), the inventor or business owner should file an application with the United States Patent and Trademark Office. Individuals and organizations who have been sued for patent infringement or who feel that their patent is being infringed are encouraged to call our office and discuss the details of the situation your organization faces.

Dallas Patent Infringement Lawyers

Since 1988, Kennedy law patent attorneys have successfully helped Texas companies, American conglomerates and international companies based in Western Europe, South Korea, Taiwan and Japan litigate patent infringement cases in the United States and at the International Trade Commission. We have represented clients on both sides of bet-the-company litigation matters in the Eastern District of Texas, Southern District of Texas, Northern District of Texas and Western District of Texas.

Our patent lawyers have been involved in patent cases in the Eastern District of Virginia, Northern District of California, Central District of California, and Southern District of California. Our lawyers have litigated patents in the Southern District of New York, Eastern District of Wisconsin, and Central District of Tennessee. A Kennedy Law patent attorney currently represents a client in a $1 Billion case pending against the United States Government at the Court of Federal Claims in Washington, D.C. Our lawyers have also handled cases at the United States Court of Appeal for the Federal Circuit, a specialty court that hears all patent appeals.

The Patent Act

The US government recognizes the importance of granting a monopoly to new inventions. The Patent Act established the United States Patent and Trademark Office. When a client’s patent has been infringed, the client may seek to negotiate a license or initiate litigation. A patent attorney from Kennedy Law will guide them through the process and, if litigation is required, handle the litigation on the client’s behalf. At Kennedy Law, we also defend clients who have been sued and accused of patent infringement. We can provide a strong legal defense team to defend our clients, protect their rights and act in their best interests. Patent litigation and legal defense can be a tedious processes that requires an established patent attorney.

There are three main types of patents in the US. These are:

  • Utility patents
  • Plant patents
  • Design patents

Kennedy Law, PC has a very dynamic team of experienced lawyers. These attorneys are committed to providing cost-effective, innovative and efficient solutions in all matters pertaining to patent litigation, patent information, and defense.

Patent Litigation for Dallas Businesses

Our patent attorneys have served as trusted litigation lawyers and legal advisers to clients in Texas, across America and all over the world. Many Texas businesses, individuals, and corporations have benefited from our experience, and we remain committed to providing the highest quality legal services.

Kennedy Law patent attorneys provide a myriad of services when it comes to patent litigation. These include:

  • Patent litigation and licensing
  • Reviewing patent infringement and validity options
  • Organize patent litigation support
  • Provide trial exhibit design and formulation

Clients who need further information about our legal services, especially pertaining to patent law should get in touch with our law firm. Our successful team of patent attorneys routinely litigates patent lawsuits on both the plaintiff and defense sides. We treat each client with exceptional care and focus on individual cases. Clients can contact us today through our Dallas office for more information on all matters to do with patents. If you happen to be in need Dallas patent attorney, reach out to us now by heading to our contact us page, and we will work out a path forward together

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