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Kennedy Law, PC is one of the leading law firms in Texas offering commercial litigation and intellectual property legal services. The firms Dallas office has a team of lawyers offering a wide boutique of legal services. One of our standout areas of practice is copyright law, and we have served clients with distinction and dedication toward that end.

Whether you are a software engineer, architect, programmer, musician or amateur novelist, you may need to consult a Dallas copyright lawyer for advice, legal counsel or for a litigation matter or other dispute. At Kennedy law, you will find experienced copyright lawyers who have represented people just like you in Texas, on the East Coast, on the West Coast, in Ohio, in Florida and Western Europe.

A copyright is a Constitutionally protected asset that grants the creator of original works exclusive rights to the distribution and use of the works. The rights are limited by law and are not absolute. Copyright is a form of intellectual property that protects works of art and creativity such as oil paintings, poetic works, and many others. Businesses with their own creations, artists, and others with original works who feel the need to have their creativity protected should engage one of our copyright attorneys in Dallas or Houston for legal advice, professional counsel, guidance, and advice regarding issues such as infringement and licensing.

Copyright law is very important in several ways. First, it includes the rules that govern this protection and how the protection can be provided to authors of creative works. The laws also include some exceptions that allow the use of protected works without the need for permission from the author. This happens in very limited and specific situations, and it is prudent to have a copyright lawyer assist you in this niche area of the law. Secondly, in many instances, copyrights are considered domestic territorial rights. This means the rights enjoyed by an individual do not automatically extend beyond the borders of the United States.

Clients who consult copyright lawyers at Kennedy Law, PC receive conscientious and insightful copyright litigation advice and representation. Our firm has an experienced and dynamic team of Dallas copyright lawyers who can provide cost effective, helpful and innovative solutions for all clients in need of copyright protection and legal counsel. Our legal professionals have provided legal counsel to many Texas and out-of-state firms and European organizations over the years, representing them in various areas of intellectual property law.

Some of the legal services under copyright law include;

  • transfer of rights from entities or individuals
  • copyright infringement
  • determination of ownership
  • licensing
  • DMCA take-down letters
  • analysis and litigation
  • employment issues and disputes
  • copyright registration
  • copyright notice requirements
  • drafting and reviewing contracts involving copyright and other intellectual property matters

Original creators and authors of various creative works have Constitutionally protected property rights. When a product is created by a team, then each member is equally entitled to the rights of ownership. Those rights can be transferred or lost if authors are careless about the agreements they sign. Likewise, unexpected results can occur if there is no agreement. It is often necessary and prudent to come up with written agreements and relevant documents pertaining to certain works of art attributed to an individual, a business or a group. Individuals and organizations in need of further information, legal advice or representation in matters of copyright law should get in touch with our law firm to plan ahead and secure their rights. Your antagonist (and even your ally) could already have obtained counsel to understand and secure their respective rights.

Contact details for our Dallas office are available on our website and by visiting our Contact Page, where you can easily consult with an experienced copyright lawyer in Dallas.

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