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Patented Fireworks Displays

Author: Stephen Kennedy

For the patriotic patent lawyer, inventor and/or fireworks enthusiast, today’s blog describes a few patents and patent applications claiming improvements to various types of fireworks displays. Enjoy, and have a happy (and safe) July 4th celebration.

US Patent Number 7096790 entitled “Combined fireworks shipping container and display stand.”

This patent is described as “A fireworks stand for elevating fixed-position fireworks, especially cone type fountains, having a body with an inner cavity for storing the fireworks and an upper platform for supporting the fireworks during discharge.”

United States Patent Application Publication

US Patent No. 7314005 entitled “Fireworks ignition system for 1.4 fireworks.”

This patent is described as “An ignition system for 1.4 g or consumer fireworks includes a base to which the fireworks are secured to prevent tipping thereof during shooting.”

United States Patent Publication for Fireworks



US Patent Application Pub. No. 20030070572 entitled “Fireworks holder with remote control firing”

This invention is described as “A fireworks holding device for holding fireworks in an upward direction for safely igniting the fireworks and for safely holding the fireworks so that they are fired in an upward direction.”

United States Patent Diagram for Fireworks


US Patent Application Pub. No. 20180106580 entitled “Pyro-cube fireworks”

This invention is described as “A plurality of fireworks units. Each of the fireworks units includes a fuse, a plurality of fireworks launching tubes, at least one male tube, and at least one female tube.” Compared to shooting off a single firework, shooting off a plurality of fireworks creates a more exciting display. According to this patent’s description, the other methods of igniting several fireworks at once are complicated and unsafe, and this innovation is apparently a safer, simpler alternative.

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